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Assistant Cabin Steward

Assistant cabin steward in hotel departments onboard cruise ship.

Jobs on Cruise Ships - Assistant Cabin Steward
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Entry-level position no with experience required.


  • General assistance in cleaning and tidying of cabins, bathrooms and corridors, such as vacuuming, sweeping and moping floors, cleaning showers, toilets and sinks, walls, ceilings and windows, and care of upholstery and draperies.
  • Removing waste and trash to garbage processing area.
  • General information and support to passengers.
  • Reporting of passengers complaints to cabin stewards and supervisors.
  • Attention to passengers and their needs until they have left the cabins, including handling laundry requests.
  • Cleaning and upkeeping of work equipment to breakage or loss.
  • Taking lost items to cabin stewards and supervisors.
  • Attending training programs and meetings.
  • Any other task assigned by cabin stewards, laundry staff and supervisors in both cases.


1,100 - 1,900 dollars/euros a month (approx.).


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Jobs on Cruise Ships: Assistant Cabin Steward