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Waiter in food and beverages department on board cruise ships.

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Waiter is responsible for general serving food and beverages in restaurants and dining rooms aboard the cruise ship in a timely, efficient and personalized way to ensure quality service and overall passengers experience.


  • Applicants to a position as a waiter on cruise ships should provide verifiable details on experience in this job or subordinate seagoing position or in land-based hospitality facilities.
  • Knowledge of practical customers service standards.
  • Knowledge of food and beverage terminology.
  • The waiter must have communication and interpersonal skills to interact with passengers and other employees in an appropriate and professional manner to provide a quality service.
  • Ability to operate processing credit card and cash systems.
  • Ability to perform in a team-oriented work environment.
  • Ability to be active for a full shift.
  • Ability to recognize and solve problems with cowokers and passengers by using good judgement, tact and inititative.
  • The waiter should be able to work overtime or assist the workload in the area or other areas aboard the ship.


  • Setting up tables, including linens, China, silverware and glassware.
  • Handling reservations.
  • Receiving passengers and escorting them to their tables.
  • Checking passengers identification, and verifying their age before serving alcoholic beverages.
  • Presenting menus and dishes to passengers, answering questions about any aspect related to them, making recommendations on items and daily specials; and explaining methods of preparation and cooking, ingredients and accompaniments.
  • Suggesting selling of dishes and items.
  • General preparation of appetizers, salads, cold dishes, dessets and beverages.
  • Taking passengers orders to galley staff.
  • Monitoring passengers experience and ensuring their satisfaction with food and service, taking the necessary action to correct any problem.
  • Preparing hot, cold and mixed drinks for passengers; and serving chill bottles of wine and other beverages.
  • Cleaning and removing dishes, glassware and silver from tables after service is completed.
  • Maintaining cleanliness and tidying at working areas to ensure a smooth operation and service at all times.
  • Polishing glassware, cutlery, China and flatware.
  • Replenishing supplies and service equipment.
  • Garnishing and decorating dishes and tables for service.
  • Filling salt, pepper, sugar and condiment containers.
  • Wine selections service with appropriate glasses.
  • Answering any question related to the service and providing general information on it or activities and events onboard the cruise ship.
  • Offering and providing any assistance to the passengers before leaving tables.
  • Determining when passengers have completed their meals.
  • Billing and payment processing if applicable.
  • Attending training programs and meeting.
  • Training assistant waiters and new employees in the area.


2,200 - 3,000 dollars/euros a month (approx.), depending on gratuities.


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Jobs on Cruise Ships: Waiter