Employment and Jobs on Merchant Vessels

Employment and jobs on merchant vessels to work on diverse areas on board, with different personal requirements, training, income and working conditions for people from all around the world.

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Employment and jobs on merchant vessels for a diverse non-skilled and qualified workers, technical staff and maritime professionals to fill an interesting variety of onboard positions, with contracts varying from a few days or weeks to more than a year offered by merchant marine companies established in many diverse countries.

Wind Rose Network provides up-to-date information and resources, and effective services to those people interested in the merchant marine and its of opportunities to work in different roles and departments – from entry-level positions to highly qualified officers – to be employed in the overall operation and maintenance of a wide variety of vessels engaged in the maritime transportation of all types of cargo along local and international trading routes all around the world.

International Merchant Marine Sector

International Merchant Marine Sector

The merchant marine sector offers the opportunity to work in different positions and areas aboard cargos, tankers and diverse specialized vessels to crew members, technical personnel and officers of a wide variety of nationalities.

This is why our information and services are available to workers, professionals and employers from all the world.

Candidates Employers

Most In-Demand Jobs On Board Merchant Vessels

There is a large diversity of positions and jobs to be filled aboard merchant vessels.

Obviously, there are also a number of most-in-demand positions in the merchant marine, with different chances of getting hired depending on their requirements and the candidate's profile, qualifications, expertise and objectives.

Job and Career Advice

Leaving aside professional maritime personnel, working in the merchant marine may offer a unique opportunity to develop more professionalism and skills than in a land-based position.

However, it is a demanding working environment that requires a careful approach to the maritime agencies and companies to get some chances of being recruited to work on board.

Both in terms of eligibility for the position and the application process.

Job and Career Advice

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Other Sectors

Along with the merchant marine, there are other three segments in the maritime sector that may be of people seeking for employment opportunities.

In any case, we would like to offer our contact section to everyone interested in obtaining information about any aspect related to positions available and their requirements to work aboard merchant vessels.

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Employment and Jobs on Merchant Vessels