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Job and career advice, information and resources for people interested in employment opportunities in the maritime sector to work on cruise ships, merchant vessels or offshore oil rigs.

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The maritime sector is staffed by a wide range and variety of workers and professionals in many different positions and areas, working sometimes for months in a competitive environment that does, however, offers, not only payment scales and incentives above the average for similar or the same positions on land, but also real opportunities for advancement and personal development.

Nevertheless, a first approach to the sector shows a clear difference among the cruise industry, the merchant marine and the offshore oil/gas industry in terms of personal profile and qualifications to be considered for a seagoing position.

Even in the case of specific positions, the required qualifications and skills can be very different in each case, and also the way to apply for them.

Obviously, a correct approach to the human resources representatives of these companies is decisive to maximize the chances as a suitable candidate to fill a vacancy on board.

Leaving aside the many concerns, issues and queries that may arise along the recruitment process and the contract period.

Wind Rose Network provides impartial and confidential advice and information to job seekers interested in working in the cruise industry, the merchant marine and the offshore oil and gas sector on any of the following aspects.

  • Personal requirements to work in the maritime sector (minimum age, physical condition, background and other relevant factors).
  • General training and qualifications to be eligible to work in the sector, or information on specific certificates and endorsements.
  • Legal aspects of working in the maritime sector, including nationality or immigration, international qualifications recognition, international labor standards and conventions, recruitment scams and organizations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Job and Career Advice: Cruise Ships

Job and Career Advice: Cruise Ships

Impartial and confidential advice and information on work and professional subjects for job seekers interested in working on board cruise ships.


Cruise Ship Jobs 2023

Cruise Ship Jobs - 2023

If you are interested in working on cruise ships and looking for the moment to access the sector, do not miss the opportunity to apply for a shipboard position in 2023.


Job Opportunties

Job Opportunties

The maritime cluster offers considerable job opportunities to workers and professionals unemployed or seeking for an occupational change.


Most In-Demand Jobs in the Maritime Sector

Most In-Demand Jobs - Maritime Sector

There is a large diversity of positions in the maritime sector.

We would like to offer a listing of those most in demand.


We would like to encourage our users to visit the different sections of this website and contact us to request for any information related to the maritime sector and our advising and job seeking services.

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