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Considering the special nature of the services provided to our customers, we attach the highest importance to the protection of personal data and information, and especially with regard to the protection and safeguard of personal rights in connection with the storage, processing and use of such information.

The owner and operator of this website is strictly compliant with the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, its regulatory decrees and normative and international standards on the protection of personal data and privacy, and legally registered in the General Registry of Personal Data Protection managed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

Name of the Person Responsible for the File: José Manuel Rosón Bravo


To verify our presence in the General Registry of Personal Data Protection , please proceed to:

To solve any problem or inquiry about this subject, please contact us through the appropriate email address in our contact section.

Collection of Personal Information

Personal information is personally identifiable data collected or received about our visitors and customers when they interact with our website, services and offerings, including:

  • Information received through the different forms displayed in our website to order services or to request for any information or assessment, such as names, home or work addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, birth date or gender, etc.
  • Information about visits to our website, and responses to the offerings and advertisements presented on third-party websites.
  • Transaction-related information, such as names, billing information, e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, or a history of services contracted through our website.
  • Any other personal information related to the use of a particular service or offer.

Considering the constant growth and expansion of our activity and services, this section may be subject to specific modifications deemed as necessary to improve the information and services provided to our visitors and customers.

Storage and Use of Personal Information

Personal information and data received in our systems is used:

  • To fulfilll any service order from our customers.
  • To operate and improve our services, offerings and information displayed in our website.
  • To communicate with our users and customers, and respond to their inquiries.
  • To resolve disputes, collect fees, and troubleshoot problems.
  • To prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities.
  • To conduct research about the users of our website.
  • To help offer other products, services and information that may be of our users" and customers" interest.

We are open to any comment or suggestion for the better management of this delicate matter.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

No personal information or data will be passed on to third parties without express and required consent, or to purposes other than those specified for the provision of services as described in our Services section.

Nevertheless, we may be required to disclose person-related data pursuant to lawful requests, such as subpoenas or court orders, or in compliance with applicable laws. In any case, we do not reveal any information until we in good faith verify that an information request by law enforcement or private litigants meets the legal requirements and procedures applicable to the particular case.

In the same way, we may share information with other companies, lawyers and government agents when we believe it is necessary to comply with law, to protect our interests or property, to prevent fraud or other illegal activity perpetrated through the Internet or using Wind Rose Network's name or the information displayed in our website, or to prevent imminent damage to persons or property.

Members of staff and third party service providers are bound to maintain the highest degree of confidentiality and to comply with data protection rules and our internal guidelines.

Principles and Procedures to Comply with the Personal Data Protection Policy

We treat all information and personal data received from our visitors and customers as confidential, and regard the lawful and correct treatment and process of such information as critical to maintain the necessary public's confidence in us, and to the success of our operations and services. Therefore, to maintain our reputation and integrity, we need to be fully compliant with the terms established in the national and international law and regulations on personal data protection:

  • Observe fully conditions regarding the fair collection and use of information.
  • Meet our legal obligations to specify the purposes for which information is used.
  • Collect and process appropriate information only to the extent that it is needed to fulfill operational needs or to comply with any legal requirements.
  • Ensure the accuracy of information used.
  • Ensure the possibility of exercising the right to access, correct, cancel and oppose the information stored in our database.
  • Ensure that the rights of people about whom information is held can be fully exercised under the above-referred laws.
  • Everyone managing and handling personal information understands that they are responsible for following good data protection practice, and is appropriately supervised and trained to do so.
  • Methods and performance of handling personal information are regularly assessed and evaluated.
  • Personal information submitted through this website, or in connection with our services is not accessible through the Internet by anyone other than the person of whom the information pertains.

We will be glad to receive any constructive information that can help us to improve our personal information data management procedures and practices. Any query about handling personal information will be promptly and courteously dealt with.


The owner and operator of this website deploys technical and organizational security measures (encryption, passwords, physical security, etc.) to protect the information that our users and customers have made available from being manipulated unintentionally or intentionally, lost, destroyed or accessed by unauthorized persons.

Where personal data is being collected and processed, the information will be transferred in encrypted form in order to prevent its misuse by a third party.

Our security measures are subject to continuous revision according to technical developments.

The data transmitted to our system is stored safely behind a series of firewalls and is thus safe from any external access.

Rights to Check, Correct, Update or Withdraw Personal Information

Our users and customers have the right to check all personal information stored with us, correct and delete inaccuracies and update in their personal information and privacy preferences (such as whether they wish to receive promotional communications), or withdraw their consent at any time for this use of information in the future contacting us through:

José Manuel Rosón Bravo


Please include your name, physical address and/or e-mail address when you contact us.


We take its users' privacy concerns seriously. If you believe that we do not comply with this privacy statement with respect to your personal information, you may contact us by e-mail or to our physical address above describing in as much detail as possible the ways in which you believe that the our privacy policy is not being complied with.

We will investigate your complaint promptly and in the most efficient manner.

Changes to this Personal Data Protection Policy

We may update this data privacy policy occasionally.

In any case, we will provide our users and customers with specific details on any significant changes to our practices.

In addition, we may provide our users and customers with other information related to personal data protection in connection with their use of the information, offerings and services displayed in our website.

Disputes and Governing Laws

Regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information, the owner and operator of this website adheres to the Spanish, European and International laws, regulations and principles to secure the rights of our users and customers.

IP Addresses and Cookies

The Wind Rose Network's website is not configured to collect any personal information from our users' computers when browsing this site. This means that, unless our visitors voluntarily and consciously provide us with personal information, we will not know their names, e-mail addresses or any other information identifiable to them.

The IP address for the same user varies from one Internet connection to another. Therefore, it is not possible to draw any conclusion as to the browsing habits of any particular user in our website sections.

A cookie is a text-only string of information transferred from a website to the cookie file of the browser on the user's computer hard disk so that the website can remember her/him in the future.

A cookie will typically contain the name of the domain from which the cookie has come, the "lifetime" assigned to it, and a value (usually a randomly generated unique number).

There are two types of cookies:

Session Cookies: temporary cookies that remain in the browser until the user leaves the site.

Permanent Cookies: which remain in the browser for much longer (though how long will depend on the lifetime of the specific cookie).

When our users visit our website, they receive a cookie in their browsers. Cookies may be used for all of any of the following purposes:

  • To help us recognize our visitors when they return to our website.
  • To compile anonymous, aggregate statistics that allow us to analyze our website flow.
  • To understand the use that our users make of our website.
  • To help us improve the structure of our website to provide better services and personalized features.
  • To measure promotional effectiveness.
  • To promote trust and safety.

In any case, there are a few important questions to take into account about our use of cookies:

  • This website offers certain features that are only available using of cookies.
  • Most cookies are "session cookies", which are automatically deleted from our visitors' hard drives at the end of the session.
  • We do not use cookies to identify, monitor or track any personally identifiable information. Our cookies in and of themselves do not contain such information about our users.
  • As long as the option blocking the storage of cookies on the hard drive has not been selected, our users may explore their hard drives by following the instructions provided in the help documents of their operating system and browsers for specific details on how to manage cookies.

There are different ways to change the cookies settings in your computer to prevent, delete or enable them depending on the circumstances and needs at any time.

Obviously, if you use different computers in different locations you will need to ensure that each browser is adjusted to suit your cookie preferences.

Click on the link for your browser below to get information on how to prevent or clear cookies from being created and installed on yours.

For detailed information about how to manage cookies in any other browsers not listed above, please contact our webmaster through .

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions about any of the content of this privacy policy, or regarding to our website or the services provided through it, please contact:

José Manuel Rosón Bravo

E-Mail: .

Please include your name, address, and/or e-mail address when you contact us.

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