Maritime Employment and Jobs
on Cruise Ships, Merchant Vessels
and Offshore Oil Rigs

  • Cruise Ships

    Employment and Jobs
    on Cruise Ships

    Employment on Cruise Ships
    Explore its many employment options and opportunities for personal and professional development in a large variety of departments, from officers, engineers and qualified professionals to entry-level and unskilled employees.
  • Mechant Vessels

    Employment and Jobs
    on Merchant Vessels

    Employment on Merchant Vessels
    Available positions for professionals and workers with diverse qualification and working experience onboard vessels in the merchant marine sector engaged in the transportation of all sorts of goods and supplies on routes all around the world.
  • Offshore Oil Rigs

    Employment and Jobs
    on Offshore Oil Rigs

    Employment on Offshore Oil Rigs
    A booming sector with a growing demand for workers and technical staff to work on offshore platforms more and more technologically advanced engaged in the exploration and production of marine hydrocarbon resources in all the world.
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Maritime employment and jobs on cruise ships, merchant vessels and oil rigs for workers and professionals with diverse training, educational background, expertise and skills, providing services and resources both to job seekers and maritime and oil companies and crewing agencies from all over the world.

Wind Rose Network started operation in 2004, and since then has dedicated itself to manage updated resources and services to bring together the efforts of all those interested in the opportunities available in the maritime employment sector – whether they have previous work or professional experience in the sector or looking for their first job at sea – always ensuring the utmost thoughtfulness and care in the handling of every application or inquiry submitted by job seekers or employers.

Conscious of the many aspects linked to employment in the maritime sector, we strive to carry out a continuing update of contents, outlining the most relevant aspects in each case, and counseling on many matters related to positions and their requirements, job-hunting and professional development, working conditions and many other issues.

International Labor Professional Sector

International Labor and Professional Sector

The maritime sector offers many employment opportunities to work aboard cruise and merchant ships, along with offshore gas rigs and support/supply vessels, to workers and technical personnel of any nationality.

This is why our information and services are available to workers, professionals and employers from all the world.

Candidates Employers

Job and Career Advice

Working in the maritime sector is an option for an increasing number of professionals and persons seeking for a well-remunerated position in a working environment with many incentives.

Notwithstanding, a correct approach to the human resources representatives of these companies is decisive to maximize the chances as a suitable candidate for a certain position.

Both in terms of eligibility for the position and the application process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Cruise Ship Jobs 2024

Cruise Ship Jobs - 2024

If you are interested in working on cruise ships and looking for the moment to access the sector, do not miss the opportunity to apply for a shipboard position in 2024.


Job Opportunties

Job Opportunties

The maritime cluster offers considerable job opportunities to workers and professionals unemployed or seeking for an occupational change, more training and specialization, or a better income in a new working and service environment.

Many companies are advertising job offers and accepting applications and résumés, interviewing candidates and hiring in selecting processes intended to fill very diverse roles.

Most In-Demand Jobs in the Maritime Sector
Most In-Demand Jobs - Maritime Sector

There is a large diversity of positions in the cruise industry, the merchant marine and the offshore oil sector onboard a very wide variety of vessels.

Obviously there are also a number of most-in-demand positions in each segment, with different chances of getting hired depending on their requirements and the candidate's profile, qualifications, expertise and objectives.

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Maritime Employment and Jobs on Cruise Ships, Merchant Vessels and Offshore Oil Rigs