The Cruise Industry

The cruise industry is a highly profitable international activity, and the fastest growing sector of the travel, tourism and leisure industry.

The Cruise Industry
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The cruise industry has gone through significant changes from the days of transoceanic transportation and tropical vacations only available to the domain of society’s elite, to the modern multimillion tourism and leisure industry that offers an affordable vacation option and a level of comfort difficult to match for the average citizen, with a number of people cruising that seems to grow every year in the world.

A relatively reduced number of cruise companies compete for world market shares in different ways, developing innovative commercial strategies and investing multi-million dollar budgets in the research and development of state-of-the-art vessels able to combine the elegance of high quality living spaces with the cutting-edge technological concepts needed to provide stability to these new floating hotels, pushing the boundaries of naval construction and design to the limits for exceptional navigation performance and liveboard comfort while maintaining the highest standards for safety and environmental management systems.

The modern cruise industry offers an option for everyone, exceeding the expectations of its customers, with an also growing number of companies specializized in offering more choices and alternatives, including smaller cruise ships, yachts and sailing vessels that carry out from ten-thirty to a few hundred passengers to exotic and, sometimes, remote destinations and regulated ports, prohibited to larger liners because of the concerns about what the influx of thousands of travelers would have on the local environment.

This section is dedicated to provide background information on diverse aspects related to the cruise industry and its significant contribution to the world economy in terms of investment and job creation, including also its positive and negative features, and a series of important unsolved economic, social and environmental issues; offering different subsections arranged by subject-heading topics according to the following index.

The Cruise Industry: General Analysis and Overview

General Analysis and Overview

General analysis and overview of the modern cruise industry and its development in the last decades.


The Cruise Experience: Definition and Conceptualization

The Cruise Experience: Definition and Conceptualization

The modern cruise experience can be defined and conceptualized from different perspectives, and interpretative criteria.


The Cruise Industry: Itineraries and Destinations

Itineraries and Destinations

Itineraries and destinations available onboard cruise ships, with multitude of options all around the world.


The Cruise Industry: Types of Cruise Ships

Types of Cruise Ships

Types of cruise ships and recreational vessels designed to satisfy the most varied preferences and expectations.


The Cruise Industry: Demographic Profiles

Demographic Profiles

Determination of the demographic profiles of the average person interested in taking a cruise as a holiday option.


The Cruise Industry: Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

Environmental issues are of key importance when considering the cruise industry and its impact.


Cruise Ship Jobs 2024

Cruise Ship Jobs - 2024

If you are interested in working on cruise ships and looking for the moment to access the sector, do not miss the opportunity to apply for a shipboard position in 2024.


Job Opportunties

Job Opportunties

The maritime cluster offers considerable job opportunities to workers and professionals unemployed or seeking for an occupational change.


Most In-Demand Jobs On Board Cruise Ships

Most In-Demand Jobs - Cruise Ships

There is a large diversity of positions and jobs to be filled aboard cruise ships.

We would like to offer you a listing of the most in-demand positions in this segment of the maritime sector.

Job and Career Advice

Working in the cruise sector is an option for an increasing number of people and professionals seeking for a well-remunerated job in a dynamic working environment with career prospects.

Job and Career Advice

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