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Types of Cruise Ships
Mainstream Cruise Ship

The most common and known type of cruise ship, marketed to suit the needs of the majority of passengers, with all sorts of standard resort features.

Mainstream Cruise Ship
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It is the most common and popularly known type of cruise ship, marketed by most of the companies in the sector as floating resorts designed and equipped to suit the needs of the majority of cruise passengers. These vessels have a capacity for 850 – 3,000 passengers, and include all sorts of standard resort features, amenities and services, such as restaurants, bars and pubs, nightclubs and discos, shopping areas, theatres and cinemas, galleries and museums, libraries, casinos, personal care areas with gyms and spas, swimming pools and other sport facilities.

Most In-Demand Jobs On Board Cruise Ships

There is a large diversity of positions and jobs to be filled aboard cruise ships.

We would like to offer you a listing of the most in-demand positions in this segment of the maritime sector.

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Working in the cruise sector is an option for an increasing number of people and professionals seeking for a well-remunerated job in a dynamic working environment with career prospects.

Job and Career Advice

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Types of Cruise Ships: Mainstream Cruise Ship